For today’s Latin Interactive World feature, we interviewed Celeste North, General Director and CoFounder of Nuflick, a Mexican startup that distributes films online. NuFlick’s specialty lies Mexican, alternative, independent and festival cinema.

At a Glance  

Name: NuFlick

Director: Celeste North

Investors: Mexican VC (A Mexican Venture Capital Firm/Incubator)

Sector: Entertainment: Online distribution of films.

Offices: Mexico City

Operations: Platform to connect independent producers and films with viewers worldwide.

Business Model: Subscription Driven

Employees: 3

The story of NuFlick starts with Celeste North (photo), who after studying film in Mexico produced several movies but was not able to find an efficient way to distribute them. North founded NuFlick to try to solve this challenge. NuFlick online film distribution concept won the “Startup Weekend” contest, organized by the Mexican VC Fund/Incubator, which later invested in the NuFlick.  “They invested in our company and that’s how we were born”, says North. They gave us US $30,000 for a 15% stake in the company. We were 8 months in incubation with them, but now that is done (…) We are now looking for the next round of funding, a larger one.”

PORTADA: How many people work at NuFlick and how are you organized?

Celeste North : “We are a team of 3 persons working full time. Rodrigo deals with product development. Eduardo deals with execution and decides on the  best technologies to implement. I deal with generating alliances with content partners, distributors, festivals, etc”.

P: What marketing strategies do you use?

CN : “ We use online ads by Facebook and Google. We also have some partners in blogs like Sopitas. We go to festivals and try to have and important presence on this spaces”

P: What’s coming from NuFlick?

CN: “ We are still missing many things, now we offer most of the movies without cost and some on a one by one payment basis. But our goal is to offer a catalog in a few months. A catalog that is good enough to generate subscriptions”. 

P: When did NuFlick start operations?

CN: “In December of last year we launched our first product, so we are still less that one year old”.

P: How do you work with producers and distributors? Why do they need NuFlick?

CN: “ We don’t buy exclusive rights. We work through a revenue share model: revenues are shared between producers, distributors and us. This has the advantage that it does not require an initial down payment to the producer.  The producer always keeps most of the money paid. The copyright remains with him. We only sign a contract for licensing.”

P: Is your platform global or local? On which market are you focusing?

CN: “Originally we developed a platform targeting the global market, our site was in English, but we realized that many of our visits were from the local Mexican audience. We saw that Mexico has a real need for distributing local content. No company is satisfying this need right now. Little by little new ventures have been launched. Netflix just arrived, Cinema Open too, so there are all these movies and a lot of people willing to distribute them with our technology. That’s why right now we are focusing on the Mexican market”.  

P: Do you have plans to expand outside Mexico?

CN: “We are letting content take the lead. The most effective way to do this has been for us to get close to producers of content and develop communication strategies with them. They are the ones that know how to best market their movies (…) After the Mexican market we want to enter other Latin American markets,  because we think that cinema from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc., has a lot in common with Mexican cinema. We’ll look for producers from those countries and with them we’ll do the alliances and strategies”.

P: How do you handle geolocalization and copyright by country?

CN: “We don’t want consumers to choose a channel and read that it is not available for their country, so we are trying to avoid that as much as possible. But sometimes it doesn’t depend on us. Our technology is available worldwide, but not all of our movies are. It depends a lot contracts signed previously by distributors and producers”.

Celeste North studied communication at Universidad Olmeca de Tabasco and then studied filming at CUEC-UNAM. She is the founder of NuFlick.


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