Latin Interactive World: From Honduras with Digital Love

For many Latin American media companies, particularly those in smaller countries, the significance of the U.S. Hispanic market can not be emphasized enough. Honduras’s Grupo OPSA is a great example of this. No less than 45% of its main  newspaper’s website ( traffic comes from the United States.

Approximately 1 million Hondurans live in the United States making their traffic an asset Grupo OPSA is making an effort  to monetize. That is one of the main reasons it created a digital unit in 2010, Ana Maria Reyes, Digital Strategy & IT Manager at Grupo OPSA tells Portada. 

Hondurans in the U.S. earn U.S. dollars and have a much higher purchasing power than most of the 8 million Hondurans living in Honduras. Advertising that is geotargeted to Hondurans in the U.S can be priced much higher than local Honduran online advertising. Reyes tells Portada that most of that advertising is sold by online ad networks. Grupo OPSA’s newspapers La Prensa (daily circ. 55,000) and El Heraldo (daily circ. 30,000) are members of Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (PAL).

The digital unit Reyes leads is also looking to monetize its database of mobile numbers. It is exploring to team up with a vendor to sell SMS based advertising.

Approximately 35% of Grupo OPSA digital properties traffic comes from Honduras, which is followed by the rest of Latin America and Spain. Grupo OPSA properties had a combined 2.1 million visits in January when 567,000 unique visitors saw a combined 6.3 million pages. 

Digital: Small share in a small market

The Honduran advertising market has a size of $130 million annually and is dominated by broadcast (TV and radio).

Of that amount, only 1% is digital advertising, Grupo OPSA estimates. Grupo OPSA, headquartered in the industrial city of San Pedro de Sula, has a share of 30% of the overall market and of 58% of the print market.

The media company also publishes a sports newspaper Diez Periodico Deportivo (circulation 30,000) and has a magazine division that publishes mostly women’s magazines including Estilo (monthly), Casa y Hogar Decoracion, Papa y Mama, Amiga, Mia . It also publishes bimonthly motor magazine Motores as well as Tecno, Guia Medica and Buen Provecho.

It recently introduced travel site the digital arm of a free magazine that is distributed in Honduras embassies and consulates around the world.
Grupo OPSA is an example of many Latin American media companies who are trying to leverage their (print) content in the digital World.