Founded in 1996, Olé is the first sports newspaper in Argentina and has online and print editions. Recently, has announced is the Argentina’s number two news site in terms of page visits. became the country’s No. 1 sports site in 2011.  

Published daily and distributed all over the country, the paper has an average daily circulation of 50,000 copies and is read by over 1 million people.  Its website registers more than 8 million unique users per month.  Apps are also available for tablets and high-end and low-end mobiles.

Since January, the number of monthly unique users has grown; from just over five million at the beginning of the year to more than 8 million by the end of June, a 60% increase that has turned it into the second news site in the country, just behind

According to Certifica data, browsing time per session was 15 minutes at the beginning of the year and is now at 18.  Page views have also grown exponentially to 160 million, compared to 107 million earlier this year (a 50% increase).  In June, more than 1 million unique visitors were recorded on some days, averaging 730,346 visits of 18 minutes per session.

"Olé is a clear example of how to achieve high media coverage, and targeted and segmented advertising, while integrating online with paper, mobile and social networks," said Tomas Salvagni, Sales Manager at AGEA S.A.

According to Guillermo Mendez Cordova, Group Brand Manager of Diario Olé, this phenomenon can be explained by the way has managed to combine entertainment and news in one place, showing a different approach to reporting and reaching young people through the same ways they consume information: TV-format programs, series, humor, opinion forums, etc. The growth of unique users also can be explained by the language.


Mendez Cordova said is not just another print media migrating to the web with the same information as the print format.  Articles and web pieces are written exclusively by journalists in a language adapted to the format.  Details are corrected and improvements are made daily, making user feedback critical.  In recent months, subhome pages have been developed for River and Boca, the recent Copa America, the World Women's Hockey Championship, and Argentine soccer’s Superclásico. The executive said that other subhome pages will be created for Pre-Olympic Basketball, the Rugby World Cup and other major sporting events.  


Also worth noting is the addition of OléTeVe, whose infotainment format carries the slogan "See what you want, when you want." Its programming includes two daily news shows led by Ariel Carchak Sienosiain and Gabriela; Copa America specials conducted by Marcelo Sottile; the “Fútbol de Plaza” (Soccer Plaza) series with weekly installments from the soccer field; and entertainment programs such as "VIP Access," and "El Contra".

Social Networks also has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, with 213,000 fans in the former and 108,000 followers in the latter, and the numbers keep growing over time.  Users are driven to through the Fan Page on both platforms, thus achieving synergy among the three outlets and garnering high page view numbers.  The profile of the user, based on TGI data, shows that 89% are men, 72% are under age 34, and 88% are less than 44 years old.  A high percentage (77%) belongs to the broad C socioeconomic group, with good purchasing power and a high level of consumer power.


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