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Latin Interactive: Medula Network launches


A new online ad network targeting the U.S Hispanic and Latin American space is being launched. The new network grows out of an effort of PAL (Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos) to increase digital advertising sales targeting both the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets.

Medula Networks claims to have over 37 million unique users in Latin America and 1.7 million unique users in the U.S.

Medula Network services advertisers wanting to reach the U.S. Hispanic market by geotargeting ads to U.S. Hispanic audiences of Latin American newspapers.

The Medula network includes all PAL newspapers as well as other affiliated publishers. It is led by CEO Vicente Jubes. Other team members include Javier  Chanfreau, VP of Digital Sales, Alessandro Alvino, Digital Sales Manager and Diana Correa, Client Services Manager. The staff is growing as the company is hiring to increase its sales staff. Medula Network clients include Univision, Iberia and Porsche.

PAL newspapers include Clarín (Argentina),  La Tercera (Chile), La República (Perú), Hoy (Ecuador), El País, El Colombiano, Vanguardia Liberal y El Universal (Colombia); El Informador, La Verdad, El Tiempo y El Universal (Venezuela); La Prensa (Nicaragua), El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador), La Prensa (Honduras) y Diario Libre (República Dominicana).

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