Your voice in the LatAm Summit!

@prisa Radio has 26 million listeners daily in 10 countries & own 1275 radio stations worldwide #latamsummit 

  • Bob Oliva, Portada's Director of Bz Dec w.

@mediaeconomics @srojas81 #latamsummit 

  • Jimena Urquijo VP Business Dev. Kantar Media speaking of Brazil.

54% of middle class is under 34 years old #latamsummit 

  • Drew Meyers

disparity in growth in Brazil relative to the rest of #latam They're totally different markets #Latamsummit 

@prisa 3.5 billion (Euros) in media revenues. Digital only 1% of that revenue 2 yrs ago. 3% today. Projections: 20% by 2015. #latamsummit

Russia: commodities for the world, India: outsourcing, Brazil:creativity & innovation for the world #latamsummit 

Mark Lopez,Google Brazil: 4.4 billion new dollar advertising growth in Brazil alone. Same size of Hispanic market today #latamsummit

 I guess I should learn Portugese! Brazil is taking center stage for global advertisers


Portada Staff

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