One key panel during our 2011 Latam Advertising and Media Summit was “Panregional Marketing Approaches”, where Vertical3 Media’s, Juan Jose Nunez moderated three Latin American marketing heavyww

Avaya: recently bought Nortel.
Bringing next gen desktoop phone.
Responsible for Americas International: Canada, Latam, Caribbean
Small core team with presence in different countries.
Secret; utilize multiple vehicles   Jose Costa

4 Global VP who are in charge of each region. Responsible for 1200 rest. In Latam.
Controls Marketing for Brazil and Mexico. Team of 12 in Miami
Consumer in Latam is more family oriented. primary target: Families with young kids.
Respectful to woman, driving marketing going forward. Plan to move 5pc of marketing
budget to panregional basis$  

Barba, balance
Ricossa: its like fire fire, not too far and not too close

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Burger King; changing media mix from 80 pc TV to 60 pc , increase in digital media

Avaya-very clear alignment between marketing and sales

Royal Caribbean

Burger King 0pc  1pc going, gong to 5pc, Total investment is 90-100 million a year

Avaya: 35pc panregional , 65 pc local Wevsites
BK: 20 different websites
Gong to be centralized going forward   Royal Caribbean going forward

Avaya: New ways for people to get innovation. Virtual events.

Royal Caribbean looking that partners have all their own content  

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