JumpTV Talks About 2010 FIFA Deal

JumpTV, the sports content-streaming company, has acquired from SCP Worldwide the exclusive North American online and mobile rights for the 70 remaining matches of the FIFA 2010 World Cup South American region qualifying matches and up to 40 associated "friendly" matches.

JumpTV paid approximately $3.5 million for a minority stake in the rights for all broadcast platforms, including DTH, cable, terrestrial, Internet and mobile. As part of the transaction, JumpTV will exclusively carry the live games online and will sub-license on-demand highlights to other potential online partners. JumpTV and SCP will also select and sub-license to mobile partners.

According to Bill Stephen, Head of Global Ad sale for JumpTV, the advertising offering will be very robust, with pre-rolls, overlays, custom integration, mobile and VOD opportunities.

Clearly football is a major driving force. Over the last two years there has been a broadening of recognition of the economic power of this sector and new brands are coming online all of the time,” says Stephen. “Automotive, food and beverage, and athletic wear are key categories as are telecom and wireless providers like Sprint and AT&T who continue to increase their budgets against these targets. Yet all are looking for some unique form of engagement, something that illustrates to their customers they are unique in the space. WCQ is such an opportunity; at a time when it is difficult to buy around great sporting events, WCQ will afford these clients and others the chance to participate in one of the most important football events in the world in an exciting and engaging way. With an average engagement time for WCQ in 2007 of 102 minutes, it’s clear JumpTV is on to an event that its visitors are highly passionate about.”

As for advertising units, standard IAB still has a place as does pre-roll, although JumpTV has invested in bringing new overlays and integration tools into its set of assets to allow advertisers new ways to distinguish their message and have a direct impact with consumers. 

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