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Joining Forces: McClatchy, Gannett and Tribune Announce Joint Ad-sales Site

Open Network offers alternative to Google/Yahoo! Programs.


Offering an alternative to Google's and Yahoo's newspaper ad sales programs, three of the nations biggest newspaper publishers – McClatchy, Gannett and Tribune – have announced plans to form “Open Network,” a jointly owned and operated ad-sales website.

The new site would make local newspapers more accessible to national advertisers, and vice versa – as the wholesale nature of the ad-buys would simplify the buying process which, heretofore, has been sufficiently fragmented to keep many national advertisers away..

Under the deal, each company would contribute 10% of their ad-sales revenues to the endeavor.

Each of these publishers has interests in the Hispanic print market, which would be affected by the deal. However, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the deal has not yet been finalized and could still fall through.

Related Article: McClatchy Buys Knight Ridder in $4.5 Million Deal, Mar. 20, 2006

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