Here are the top reasons to join us on October 9th :

  • Sell Digital and Print Advertising into 2009

Special Sessions with important players on the buying side on
          (Click Here to see the updated speaker list)
Big-Box Retail Advertising
Consumer Packaged Goods Advertising 
Health Care Advertising

  • The Rise of the General Market Agency in the Hispanic market and what it means for you. More than half of media buys in most Hispanic media properties are done by general market agencies. Get close to the top decision makers and learn how they think:

– Beth Fidoten, Print Director, Initiative Media
– Sacha Xavier, Group Media Director, Avenue A-Razorfish
– Craig Desens, Chief Development Officer, Newspaper
            Services of America        
– Liz Perez Angeles, Director CRM, Kraft Foods

  • Learn how your media property can harvest the Power of Digital Applications:
    Lunch Presentation: Listen to John Paton, CEO of Impremedia: “Engaging the Hispanic consumer online and offline: A newspaper company transitions into the digital media space.
    Mobile: The mobile phone is a tremendous opportunity to connect with Hispanics, particularly Spanish-dominant Hispanics: 
    Hear Sacha Xavier’s, Keynote Presentation on How you Should Think about Mobile Marketing for Hispanics and why.
    – Interact with David Jones, General Manager of the HipCricket, Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network and Larry Upton, Founder and CEO of edioma. Ask them how your media property can work with advertisers, service providers and telcos in order to reach First generation Hispanics. 
      Monetizing offline content through digital media applications: Mobile Tagging, Digital Newsstands, Audio-visual applications and more..

  • Hispanic Advertising Budgets Currently Hover at 5% of Overall Advertising Budgets: How can this be increased?  Hear Craig Desens, Chief Development Officer, NSA Media, Ilia Leon, Director Multicultural Media, Zenith Optimedia, Daniel Villaroel, Director Multi-Ethnic Marketing, Maybelline & Garnier providing insights into the budgeting process of Fortune 500 companies and advice media properties and corporations on how to increase allocation in order to get a fair share.
  • Broadcast Media reigns in Hispanic advertising. Hear how that can be changed. Even if Hispanic budgets get to increase, that does not guarantee that digital and print media have a fair share in the media mix. Right now Digital and Print Media Advertising dollars don’t exceed 12% of total Hispanic Advertising expenditures. While Hispanics under 35 spend more time online than watching TV, less than 5% of total ad-spend goes online.  Hear how that can be changed from Tim Hahn, Director of Interactive, Latinworks, Javier Aldape, VP Niche products Scripps Newspapers , Greg Anthony, SVP Multicultural Sales, Alloy Access and Deborah Armstrong, Marketing Director MSS.

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