Portada is launching its Linked In Forum: The Forum is an ideal vehicle for Portada’ s audience to share views and best practices on important topics affecting the Hispanic marketing, content and media industries.Today's article Analysis: Translations: Is this the Spanish U.S. Hispanics Deserve? is the starting point for a discussion all members are more than welcome to participate in.

Linked In Forum contributors’ comments will also be published online on www.portada-online.com and in Portada’s quarterly print issue.

Portada audience members can provide relevant comments to topics published on Portada-online.com (particularly in regular Features such as “Analysis” and “Best Practices”). Every two weeks a particularly controversial topic will be presented by Portada’s Editorial Team for discussion. Of course, Portada Linked in Forum members may propose topics for discussion; Portada’s editorial team then can expand and work on.

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