It’s All About the Worldcup: For…and

It's all about the Worldcup: For…and announced the launch of, soccer in English, which along with, sports in English, will provide online coverage of the 2006 World Cup to the Spanish-speaking world.

The site is solely dedicated to delivering a deep, high-quality content covering soccer and the World Cup. The site features real-time videoand text streaming, up-to-the-minute information on matches and scores, robust photo galleries and general information covering the stadiums, Germany and the history of soccer and the World Cup. works together with different press agencies including Agencia Efe and AFP.

SportsYA, a Spanish-language sports content production and distribution company, recently redesigned its website, to offer users more information, navigating speed and access, and interactive services plus total coverage of the 2006 World Cup. As part of its expansion process, seeks to transform itself into a digital and multimedia sports network, in which users can have access to electronic media such as radio and Television, and may hear or see sports content, on the Internet. Most of's writers are based in Argentina and Mexico. These journalists write approximately 200 articles a day, sources at tell Portada®. Sportsya sells content to companies including Yahoo! en español and GolTV. It also contributes content to the sports channel of and The latter companies recently merged to form Hispanic Media, Inc.

“Technological advances have created changes in consumer communication habits and today's mobility allows them access to information whenever and wherever they wish to have it; this is why we have intergraded traditional media such as TV and radio, with Internet and mobile devices, thus broadening the network's scope and establishing a permanent relationship with the user,” said Daniel Canel, President & CEO of SportsYA.