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  • Ad Categories in which Spanish-dominant over-index and the ones English-dominant Hispanics over-index
  • The Convert: How and why Tecate’s Felix Palau changed his strategy from Spanish only to also advertise in English
  • Digital Engagement: Are Spanish-dominant Hispanics less digitally engaged?
  • When Latin American audiences go to English-language sites
  • Marketer Interviews: General Motors’ Steve Tihanyi and Kimberley Clark’s Ken Champa on brand integration and Kleenex’s campaign targeting Hispanic moms.
  • Door Hanger Marketing: Do Door Hangers open the door to sales?
  • Pan-latin culture: made in the USA
  • Why mexican companies and agencies are looking into the US market
  • How US media brands cater to global latin audiences
  • Bogota leads among FB users in latin american cities


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