Interview with Javier Garcia, General Manager of Yahoo! U.S. Hispanics, on the site’s new home page

YahooUSH_HomeRunYahoo! today announced the launch of a new design for the home page of its U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America sites. Portada interviewed Javier Garcia, General Manager for the Hispanic market, about these changes.

Translated by Candice Carmel

The new home page features optimized content from the site’s main page, plus a new directory of useful links, and is optimized for mobiles and tablets.

The new page is “more functional and intuitive,” says Yahoo!, allowing users to filter and save news stories. New applications on the home page were also announced, and content will be “more relevant and updated.” interviewed Javier Garcia, General Manager of Yahoo! U.S. Hispanic, about these changes. Garcia has over 15 years’ experience in digital media and has re-launched and expanded Yahoo! en Español’s advertising business. He has also launched bicultural properties such as Shine Latina, and negotiated agreements with Sony Music Latin for co-producing entertainment programs.

Portada: How will Yahoo customize the home page?

Javier Garcia: It will be based on clusters of interest. The more we know about your preferences ― at the aggregate level of our users ― the better we can program content of interest to each group’s common interests.

Portada: How do you decide what content will appear on the home page?

Javier Garcia: The content is curated and passed through a rigorous editorial filter, and the personalized algorithm decides what content to present from the high quality content that is pulled.

Portada: How does Yahoo! produce its content?

Javier Garcia: We have local and specialized regional editorial teams in each market that produce original content. The team also selects an exclusive group of content providers and is responsible for curating that specific content.

Portada: How will this new design affect advertising? Will you have more advertising space? New formats?

Javier Garcia: The new page includes new formats and opportunities to advertise, and will later include the opportunity to place “native ads” such as those now offered on

Portada: How will you market your advertising? Will there be any changes in this regard?

Javier Garcia: We will continue to focus on the Hispanic market by emphasizing our new audience and programmatic products that were announced at CES, on a scale that only Yahoo! can offer as the number one online destination for Hispanics (according to Comscore).

Portada: What is behind these changes? Are they related to Yahoo!’s recently published 2013 results?

Javier Garcia: The changes are the result of executing the company’s strategy to focus on the daily habits of our consumers at the Hispanic level and in Latin America.