Interview: Marcos Sanchez “We Assess the Totality of the Market Irrespective of Language Preference”

Last week we reported that Global Advertising Strategies hired Marcos Sanchez as brand new VP, Client Services at Global Advertising Strategies. He is known for his work with ethnic markets. With the incorporation of Marcos Sanchez, the agency acquires the capacity to target the Hispanic market. We recently conducted this Q&A with him.

Portada: What capabilities does Global Advertising Strategies have towards the Hispanic market?

Marcos Sánchez: “Global Advertising Solutions is a full-service marketing and advertising agency that provides a multitude of services to reach, engage and motivate Hispanics, including market research, strategy development, creative services (offline/online), media planning and buying (offline/online), broadcast and digital production. We also offer these services for other ethnic markets such as:

•       Asian (Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, South Asian)

•       European (Greek, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Armenian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech)

•       Middle Eastern (UAE, Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Israeli)

•       South American (Brazilian)

•       North American (African American)”

Portada: Do you have any accounts?

Marcos Sánchez: “Specific to Hispanic, we’re currently doing work for Novartis.  For other ethnicities, we have clients such as Lufthansa Airlines, DIRECTV, RebTel, CMS Forex and Aeroflot.”

Portada: Do you do Media planning, buying, creative, for the Hispanic Market?

Marcos Sánchez: “Yes.  With respect to our approach to Hispanic media planning and buying, we assess the totality of the Hispanic consumer market (irrespective of language preference) when defining the media strategy and identifying potential points of engagement. We do this in concert with our creative development to ensure message and media synergy for maximum brand impact.”

Marcos Sanchez joined Global Advertising from Prime Access, an agency specializing in multicultural marketing and advertising to the Hispanic, African American and LGBT markets. Marcos was an Account Director at GlobalHue, where he led the Verizon Wireless Hispanic business. He was also integral to winning the entire national Verizon Wireless Hispanic account for the agency.

Prior to working at GlobalHue, Marcos worked for Hil Holiday, The Vidal Partnership and Grey Advertising. Some of the notable accounts he worked on include: Bank of America, Barnes & Noble, Sprint, JP Morgan Chase, US Trust and Merrill Lynch.