Last week Houston Chron/La Voz de Houston introduced its new site, Portada interviewed Aurora Losada, Editor, La Voz de Houston/Houston Chronicle and (photo),  on the new site launch. Losada provided interesting answers on how content is shared with the site and her overall content strategy.
Portada: How often is the site updated per day/week?
Aurora Losada, Editor, La Voz de Houston/Houston Chronicle and “The site is constantly updated throughout the day. We have not planned a specific number of updates by default. This is a website with the ambition to keep our readers/viewers permanently informed on what's going on that they need to know about. So, the updating rhythm will depend on the news rhythm. Today is a good example: We've had the Supreme Court upholding Obama care, Holder held in contempt by Congress, presidential elections in Mexico approaching, Eurocup soccer semifinal, plus our own local coverage and scoops on Entertainment.”
Portada: What third party services (e.g. agencies) do contribute text, videos, photos?
Aurora Losada: “Right now our only online agency is Associated Press but keep in mind that this is just the beginning. As we grow the website with more content, as well as more multimedia features, we'll also expand our third party services. And although we are fully comprehensive in terms of content categories, our main focus and strength will be in-house production and local coverage.”

Portada: We see that some blogs are in Spanish but on the site? Why  did you choose this approach? How many bloggers are devoted to the Spanish coverage (including translations)?
Aurora Losada:  “We have a strong roster of bloggers, both staffers and community leaders that we already had in our former online operation, Each blog covers specific issues, like Hispanics in Houston, Sports, Entertainment, women and Tex-Mex culture. Some of them are in Spanish only, others are bilingual. We are very proud of our blogs and we believe that for years they have been a sign of identity for our online operation as they also reflect the diversified cultural composition of the Houston Latino community. We will fully import them into soon but technical reasons have prevented us from doing so yet. Those issues are being worked out as we speak. In the meantime, we considered it important to keep them hosted in as we tout them in our new website.”
Portada: Will some content be exclusively published in the print issue of La Voz or only digitally?
Aurora Losada: “No. Both products are equally important and they both are just different platforms to bring information to our different audiences. They both are also free, so they don't compete with each other. For us, the priority is to make sure that every piece of information that we generate gets to our readers, be it through a website or through a print product. gives us the chance to be on top of news in Spanish, in Houston. La Voz de Houston gives us the assurance that those who still prefer their paper publication will also be informed. “


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