Interview: Hirsch on the Recent Consorte Media Acquisition by AudienceScience

In May the Online Advertising Network AudienceScience made a big move to get into the US Hispanic media market with the adquisitin of the Latin digital marketing campany Consorte Media. The acquisition was follow by an integration of Consorte’s employees, technologies and clients into AudienceScience´s structure.

Portada’s interviewed Jeff Hirsch, CEO of AudienceScience, about the recent acquisition and its impact on his company:

Portada: Is Consorte’s team and experience going to constitute the Hispanic side of AudienceScience?

Jeff Hirsch: The Consorte network has been integrated into AudienceScience’s Hispanic network and has become the largest Hispanic audience targeted ad network in the U.S. Consorte Media’s foundation of relationships with dozens of advertisers and hundreds of Hispanic-focused publishers is a true asset to AudienceScience.

Portada: Is there going to be some change in the kind of technology used by Consorte?

Jeff Hirsch: A full integration of the technologies is in the works without a fundamental change to Consorte’s established offerings. Our partners will be very pleased with what they will be able to accomplish in order to achieve efficient and effective online marketing.

Portada: What’s the future for Salsa™, considering the acquisition? 

Jeff Hirsch: AudienceScience has been very active in the area of brand recognition necessities for our marketers’ campaigns and we are integrating this important Salsa technology into this area of The Audience Gateway.

Portada: What are the plans/objectives for the rest of the year in the Hispanic Market? 

Jeff Hirsch: According to a report by Research and Markets titled "Hispanic Purchasing Power: Projections to 2015," income-producing Hispanic households in the United States are expected to represent 13.8 percent of the population by 2015; during the past decade, that rate of growth was more than two times the overall national rate. Additionally, U.S. Hispanic purchasing power was projected to reach as much as $1.3 trillion by 2015, equaling a projected 12 percent of overall U.S. purchasing power. This growing market has been traditionally underserved by marketers and AudienceScience plans to change that. AudienceScience has incorporated Consorte’s Hispanic focused segments into its data management and audience targeting platform, and is continuing to develop new and refined solutions to best serve the Hispanic audience.

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