Interview Hector Gonzalez – Midios: “We think regionally and act locally”

Portada interviewed Hector Gonzalez, CEO of Midios. Gonzalez talked to us about the agency’s pan-regional operations, its interaction with other Midios partner agencies in Latin America, and also shared details of last season’s pan-regional campaign for Natura.

Portada: Who are Midio’s partner agencies in Latin America?

Hector Gonzalez: "Midios Latam is composed of the following agencies: Triangulo in Chile, Materia Gris in Mexico, Massive in Colombia, and Causa Media in Peru.  Regional coordination is based out of Argentina, where regional brand strategies are developed in conjunction with our local agencies."

Portada: How do you work with partner agencies in Latin America? What accounts are jointly managed pan-regionally?

Hector Gonzalez: "Midios Latam is now a consolidated network, with partner agencies in markets like Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Central America.  Working at the regional level was not easy, as each market has its idiosyncrasies and required time to get to know and understand.  Today we can say that we have taken that step and know our Latin American markets.  Natura Cosmetics is one of our main clients for whom we do work with our agencies.  We coordinate the operation and develop regional brand strategies and guidelines out of Argentina, so that our partner agencies can contribute and work tactically with a more local vision of the market.  In a nutshell, we ‘think regionally’ and ‘act locally,’ which makes our work as media professionals much more efficient."

Portada: How did you execute the media buys, and set the target and objectives of the last pan-regional campaign for Natura Ekos?

Hector Gonzalez: "The media buying was done locally in each market. The goal of the campaign, from a media standpoint, was to create awareness and achieve maximum TRPs (target rating points) for the brand. Our target is women, ages 20-49, of high/middle income."

Portada: How did you structure the content of the pan-regional campaign for Natura Ekos? Was the content adapted to the various country markets?

Hector Gonzalez: "Creative for the Natura Ekos campaign was adapted from campaigns executed in the Brazilian market, where the brand is a leader in its category, and where its creative agency Taterka is based.  All the commercials were produced there, as well as adaptations for the different markets."

Portada: Who are Midios’s main clients?

Hector Gonzalez: "All clients are important at Midios. Most of them have been with us since our inception.  We don’t make distinctions.  We started out with a policy of “personalized service,” with the flexibility to adapt to their needs.  We are a medium-sized agency and our objective is to provide efficient and flexible service.  We are very proactive and are constantly searching for opportunities for our clients."

Portada: Do you work in the Brazilian advertising market? If not, do you plan to?

Hector Gonzalez: "At Midios, we have Brazilian clients such as Petrobras, Natura Cosmetics, and JBS. We have market expertise, since we work as partners with creative agencies in Brazil to serve some of these clients, as is the case with Natura.  We are constantly searching for new clients, and if they are in the Brazilian market, all the better!"

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