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Interview: Alberto Pardo – CEO AdsMovil about the Milennial Media agreement and Mobile exchanges

Portada interviewed Alberto Pardo, CEO of AdsMovil, about the company’s status after its agreement with Millennial Media and the creation of Millennial Media Exchange (MMX), following Millenial Media’s partnership with AppNexus.


Foto Alberto PardoPortada interviewed Alberto Pardo, CEO of AdsMovil, about the company’s status after its agreement with Millennial Media and the creation of Millennial Media Exchange (MMX), following Millenial Media’s partnership with AppNexus.

Translated by Candice Carmel

Portada: What is your business arrangement with Millennial Media?

Alberto Pardo: Adsmovil has a strategic alliance with Millennial Media to market their inventory, coupled with their technology support, in all countries of Latin America.

Portada: What does each side bring to the table?

Alberto Pardo: Millennial brings six years of experience in the most developed mobile industry in the world, along with its inventory, agreements with its own publishers, and technology. We bring our local knowledge and sales in each country [in the region].

On the agreement between Millennial Media and AppNexus, and the creation of the Millennial Media Exchange (MMX):

Portada: How will AdsMovil’s inventory in Latin America be represented in the new ad network?

Alberto Pardo: Our inventory will be represented in the form of audiences, using our coverage in the region.

Portada:  In what USH ad-exchanges is Adsmovil’ inventory represented?

Alberto Pardo: None. The Adsmovil inventory in the U.S. Hispanic market is premium, and premium companies usually put their unsold inventory “blind” on exchanges. Adsmovil is 100% transparent and sells only premium inventory in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Portada: There are still many barriers in the development of mobile advertising ad exchanges (standardization, etc.). How do you see this changing in time?

Alberto Pardo: There are many barriers. The main one is publishers’ lack of knowledge in this area, and the other is the short supply of exchanges in the region. Surely this will change as the business develops and continues to grow. Personally, I feel that publishers continue to think in terms of online, rather than mobile. The same holds true for many brands, which still view mobile as an emerging medium. This trend will be reversed in the coming years, since brands are starting to venture into mobile, albeit still slowly.

Latin America

Portada: Which brands are you bringing these advertising solutions to in Latin America?

Alberto Pardo: Mainly large advertisers such as Coca Cola, Ford, Nestlé, and Unilever, to name a few.

Portada: And in Mexico?

Alberto Pardo: Interjet, Nestlé, Banamex, General Motors, and Nokia, to name a few.

Portada: What is the state of mobile advertising development in Latin America, and in Mexico in particular?

Alberto Pardo: It is currently in full growth. 2013 has been a defining year for the industry, as several brands are starting to see mobile as an essential communications tool. Mexico is the most developed market in Latin America, ahead of Brazil and Argentina. In Mexico, there is wide acceptance of our products and we will continue to invest very strongly there, because Mexico is, without a doubt, the largest market in the region.

Portada: How does the U.S. Hispanic market compare? Or are they completely different markets?

Alberto Pardo: They are very different markets, as [overall] smart phone penetration in the United States is 60% – and 49% among Hispanics – whereas in Mexico, the figure is 30-32%. Data consumption and smart phone use varies greatly between the U.S. and Latin America, because in the United States, mobiles are also used to make purchases, while in Latin America everything related to m-commerce is very recent and still in its infancy.

Portada: What strategies do you recommended for creating pan-regional mobile advertising campaigns?

Alberto Pardo: Although one has to think regionally when creating pan-regional campaigns, communications should be adapted to each market, taking into account each country’s peculiarities.

Portada: What are Adsmovil’s plans for 2014?

Alberto Pardo: In 2014, we want to consolidate [our foothold] in Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.

Portada: How important are ad exchanges for AdsMovil sales?

Alberto Pardo: Very important, since much of our inventory in Latin America is received through exchanges.

Portada: Did anything change or will anything change with the arrival of Victor Kong at Adsmovil?

Alberto Pardo: Victor is a great support to Adsmovil today. He leads Cisneros Interactive, the corporate business unit that groups all digital initiatives of the Cisneros Group focusing on Digital Advertising and Electronic Commerce. Adsmovil is part of Cisneros Interactive, and is an independent company that counts the Cisneros Group among its shareholders. As President of Cisneros Interactive, Victor is channeling all of his efforts and knowledge into growing the digital business-related companies owned by the group.

Alberto Pardo has 15 years of experience in the Internet, Internet marketing, e-commerce and online advertising fields. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AdsMovil, a Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market mobile advertising network owned by Cisneros Interactive. Pardo is also founder and current President of the Colombia Chamber of Electronic Commerce.

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