Targeting U.S. Hispanics via Internet radio can easily be an international business, as the borderless nature of the online medium breaks barriers once imposed by signal strength. Just ask Luigi Bellizzi, marketing executive at . GLR, majority owned by Spain’s media group, distributes its flagship music program “Los 40 Principales” throughout its whole footprint. The main thrust of the program is based on the version distributed in Spain, however the content is adapted through local program anchors in each country (Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, U.S and Mexico). GLR’s main sports program (Carrusel Mundial Deportes) is created with content created by radio journalists in all countries in which GLR is present.

In the U.S. GLR owns and operates a station in Miami (Caracol Miami, Spanish-language Newstalk) and another station in Los Angeles (Mexican format).  In Latin America and Spain it owns and operates 1095 radio stations in Spain, United States (radio stations in Los Angeles and Miami), Mexico (Radiopolis), Colombia (Caracol), Argentina (Continental), Costa Rica, Panama and Chile.  

Worldwide Reach… 

With the advent of the Internet, users worldwide can access radio content from any station in the world. Latin American radio stations can be accessed from the U.S. and the other way around. website, is accessed by more than 100,000 unique Latin American users a month, out of a total of 1.4 million monthly unique users, says Izzy Gonzalez, Director of Sales SBS Interactive & Integrated Marketing. SBS recently inaugurated a digital facility in South Florida, which puts Radio, Interactive and TV under one roof. By using technologies, advertisers can specifically reach a specific geographic audience, such as Latin Americans accessing U.S. Hispanic radio sites. Gonzalez’s and SBS’ goals are to make a major player in the global music realm. Gonzalez adds that whenever live radio commercials come on, SBS added a technology that allows live spots to run through interactive platforms that does not interfere with what is going on over the air.

Felix Perez, executive vice president at Davidson Media Group, says that his company is stepping-up its online operations. Perez says that the online platform presents a great opportunity to expand their current advertising programs, particularly with the automotive and telecom companies that make up a big percentage of their broadcast advertising revenue. At the moment, the company is not streaming its programs Online, but is updating its systems to allow for this. “The online radio arena is absolutely growing, and developing our Internet capabilities is definitely part of our overall growth strategy,” says Perez. The company has been working with mobile ad network Hip Cricket to develop that side of their business. “They’re helping us set up short codes for individual stations. Users can opt–in to be club members and access DJ information, etc. Or Pizza Hut might be doing something in Philadelphia, and the customer can text cheese in to our short code and receive 25% off or whatever they are offering,” he says.

Major Players… 

One of the major players in Hispanic radio is SBS, or Spanish Broadcasting System. The company has a separate branch dedicated to interactive sales for its 15 station websites. The company boasts that it reaches millions of Hispanics through its websites on a monthly basis, with almost 7.5 million page views, and about 1.4 million monthly unique visitors.

The company’s database includes 500K double opt-on users, who have provided their zip code, gender and language preference. SBS’ core audience skews older, with 68.7% of its listeners between the ages of 18 and 49. SBS Interactive offers a broad range of advertising options through its station websites which exceed the limitationsof broadcast media. Apart from the variety of banner ads that can be accommodated, the company offers roadblocks, :15 or :30 pre-roll audio and video, In Stream ads that run during on-air commercial breaks, and more. Advertisers can also purchase a Run of Network Rotation that offers exposure across all of the company’s station Web sites. SBS also does microsites and custom programs.
Univision Radio today owns and or operates 70 stations in 16 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco/San Jose, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, McAllen/ Brownsville/Harlingen, San Diego, El Paso, Phoenix, Fresno, Albuquerque and Las Vegas. Univision Radio also owns and operates 5 radio stations in Puerto Rico.

Growth Strategy…

Univision Radio's growth strategy has been to acquire English-language stations, mainly in the largest U.S. Hispanic markets, and re-launch them as Spanish-language stations. The Univision Radio network and its affiliates cover approximately 73% of the U.S. Hispanic population and have over 10 million listeners weekly. Univision Communications Inc. announced today that as part of its digital strategy it plans to expand the delivery of mobile solutions to the local marketplace through Univision Radio, the leading Spanish-language radio group in the United States. The Company has partnered with HipCricket for this local initiative. Univision Móvil, the leader in the Spanish-language wireless space delivering national, comprehensive mobile solutions, will oversee the programs created through this partnership to ensure synergy across its multiple platforms.
“It is important for brands, marketers and broadcasters seeking to reach Hispanic consumers to understand the high level of engagement within this demographic and the tremendous opportunity. The number of Hispanics responding to text message advertisements has increased by +20 percent in the past year,” said Christopher Brunner, vice president, Mobile Content & Services for Univision Móvil.” “Univision’s audience is among the most loyal and mobile marketing is an ideal way to build even stronger relationships,” said Ivan Braiker, Chief Executive Officer of HipCricket. “This partnership takes our reach into the Hispanic marketplace to a whole new level and provides an increasingly attractive platform for brands that are looking to engage the Hispanic consumer.” HipCricket offers a flexible, mobile marketing platform that is entirely permission-based so consumers only receive the text messages, alerts and other mobile interactions they request.

Additionally, all mobile messages are customized based on the consumer’s preferences and needs.


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