Inside the Largest Hispanic Infomercial Advertising Agency

P&G, Murad, Iceland Health are just a few of the clients who rely on Quigley Simpson’s expertise to broadcast infomercials targeting Hispanics. Kathy Moore, SVP of Quigley Simpson and in charge of the agency’s Multicultural Advertising department, tells Portada that six of the agency’s 40 employees address the Hispanic market. The multicultural department shares the media buying platform of Quigley Simpson and does not have multicultural-specific media buyers and planners.

The multicultural unit of Quigley Simpson used to be Vivar Advertising and was led by Adriana Eiriz; however, last September the agency folded Vivar Advertising and renamed it Quigley Simpson Multicultural. In the general market, infomercials are a $2 billion a year business.

Broadcasting infomercials to the Hispanic market is a relatively recent practice. According to Moore the biggest difference between the general market and the Hispanic market “is that Spanish-language market is less accustomed to being pitched infomercials.” Hispanic audiences tend to be more interested, although generally also less aware of the product and the service.

According to Moore, there is a wide spectrum of Hispanic media to place infomercial advertising. These include television, national cable, satellite and local broadcast. Moore adds that there are many new South American and Central American networks coming into the U.S. Hispanic market.