Cohn & Wolfe has revamped its four-year-old multicultural division with an expanded Latino and multicultural practice called Infuse. The newly branded practice is being led by VP Kerri Allen (photo), who has been working in the agency's Hispanic division for the last year. Allen helped create the concept for Infuse with the idea of integrating “the concept of cross-cultural communications throughout the agency,” she said.  Portada had a conversation with Kerri Allen to better understand the new venture?

Portada: Kerri, You used to be a journalist. What does a journalist have to offer to the PR discipline?  

Kerri Allen: “It enables you to better understand how a reporter thinks and how news is created. And both disciplines rely on intriguing storytelling.”  

Portada: Is the new practice going to concentrate on PR, Advertising/Media Buying or all of it?
Kerri Allen:
“The core of what Cohn & Wolfe does is simple: we build brands by captivating, engaging and motivating stakeholders to act. How we get there is much more complex INFUSE will leverage our teams’ expertise in media relations, experiential marketing, and cultural strategy for our clients. We do not offer paid media planning (advertising) or media buying services.”  

You say you are going to work on your Hispanic insights taking advantage of the support you have in your Latin American offices.  Where are your offices in Latin America?
Kerri Allen:
“Cohn & Wolfe has a global network of offices across the world, which INFUSE utilizes as on-the-ground teams, keeping a pulse on the latest trends and cultural nuances. We have offices in Argentina,  Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Puerto Rico.  We also have offices in Madrid, Spain.”  

Portada: Who are the clients of the U.S. Multicultural practice?  

Kerri Allen: “INFUSE services an international beauty brand, a luxury spirits brand, consumer packaged goods company, among others.”


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