In search of the global online Spanish-language newspaper

As some content providers are vying to be the prime source of online news and analysis for English-speaking audiences (e.g. UK’s The Guardian, The New York Times, etc.), some corporations are trying to do the same in the Spanish-speaking world. The prime contenders are in Spain, perhaps because of the character of the Spanish spoken in Spain, which Latin Americans often refer to as la “Madre Patria” (“Motherland”).

More than 25% of the visitors of (the website of the Spanish daily El Pais, which defines itself as “the global newspaper in Spanish”) come from outside of Spain. El has 7.44 monthly unique users according to internal figures, while all of’s online properties, including sports site and radio broadcasters, have more than 12.3 million unique users. is managed by, the online unit of Spanish media giant Prisa.’s goal is to be a leader in the production and marketing of digital news, educational and entertainment content to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets.

Another newspaper with global ambitions,which brands itself as the “global leader in Spanish Information,” is Madrid-based El Mundo ( The website had 10.8 million unique users last January.

Other websites in Latin America, including Argentina’s Mexico’s and and Colombia’s are also in the race to become the preeminent Spanish-language website for news and information.