Since ImpreMedia was acquired by a company owned by Argentinean media company La Nacion earlier this year, the organization has gone through some changes. Portada caught up with Ivan Adaime, new VP Digital ad ImpreMedia, to talk about new strategies at the Hispanic digital and print media company.

Portada: What experiences in terms of digital media best practices fromArgentina‘s La Nacion can be applied by ImpreMedia?
Ivan Adaime, VP Digital at impreMedia:
“Different countries, cultures and markets require different approaches. But I would also say that there are two main ideas that remain the same. On the product and audience side, to build great, distinctive and solid offers to different segments. On the revenue side, to listen carefully what advertisers need and help them to innovate, reach the right audience and get results.”

Portada: Will you continue to publish the site or will you exclusively focus on the local newspaper digital brands?
“Our main focus will be the existing local news sites and our targeted brands like Vista.”

Have you done any national or local mobile advertising campaigns?
“We mainly do mobile display. Other different options beyond display advertising are being studied”

Portada:  Do ImpreMedia sites belong to a particular online ad network or are they exclusively sold through  ImpreMedia sales reps?
Ivan Adaime, VP Digital at impreMedia:
“Most of our US inventory is sold by our own sales team. But we also work with different partners.”


Portada Staff

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