impreMedia announced that it has partnered with Skyword to create demand-driven content. Skyword’s Search-Driven Media™ platform is set to broaden audience reach by providing more of the content people seek.

Monica Lozano stated that this partnership will give Impremedia the hability to “offer ours audience more of what matters to them, and at the same time connect our advertising partners with the growing Hispanic market.” And added “with Skyword we will be able to generate on-demand content that can be leveraged across our multiple platforms.”

The partnership will enhance impreMedia’s ability to reach and engage with key audiences by using Skyword’s Search-Driven Media™ (SDM) platform to create and place additional content that precisely matches consumer search. The move is expected to broaden audience reach and increase search visibility across all of impreMedia's publication websites. Additional benefits include improved search engine visibility, integrated content navigation, and better content integrated across social platforms.

“As people consume more information, media companies are continuously looking for innovative ways to serve communities with on-demand information,” stated Ginger Neal, SVP Digital for impreMedia. “Search gives us insight into what audiences want and need. Real time and social media tell us that opinions count and make a difference.”


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