Following its integration of its various newspaper websites under the umbrella last year, Impremedia has been steadily developing its mobile presence.

In 2008, it rolled out a mobile alert service in conjunction with 4Info that provides subscribers with up-to-the-minute information on Sports, Weather and Politics.

“We started by developing the basic capability, “working on a search engine through SMS and getting the alerts up and running. This is what we worked on with 4Info. Now that framework is in place, we’ve went ahead with the Imprerewards project.”


More recently, it has embarked on a new offering with Ping mobile, a mobile agency, with the launch of the mobile couponing portal,

It is an interesting endeavor to be sure. It is well-known that Hispanics over-index in mobile consumption. At the same time, Hispanics have historically been averse to using coupons. “We don’t generally like coupons,” Impremedia Digital CEO Arturo Duran tells Portada. “It’s a matter of pride, mostly. Coupons are for the other guy, having a hard time. It’s different from the general market where it is totally normal. However, now with the mobile aspect of it, this hesitation completely disappears.” Duran says that the stigma of coupon redemption is neutralized by the technological factor. “We Hispanics love technology, so all of a sudden this is a cool thing.”

The couponing system is completely customized to the user’s preferences; the user can selects only the categories of goods or services that s/he wished to receive offers for. Additionally, users can select how frequently they receive offers so they are not getting barraged by offers.

“This self-select aspect makes all of the difference,” Duran tells Portada. “We have seen astronomical response rates ranging from 32% on the low end of the spectrum to 56% on the high end.”

Currently over 45 companies, including Macy’s and Toys R Us are participating in the program.

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