Swedish Furniture retailer Ikea is going to launch a Spanish-language catalogue application for Iphones, Sofia Escamilla, VP Media at the Phelps Group tells Portada. The Phelps Group earlier this year bought Anita Santiago Advertising.

This past summer Ikea distributed its Spanish-language catalog, targeting Latinas 18-49 years old. The Spanish catalog has 370 pages and is published annually. It is printed at several locations over the U.S..

Escamilla notes that the catalog is being distributed via mail through IKEA’s Latina database and at the stores.

Ad Campaign

“We are supporting the launch of the new 2011 catalog through TV, Digital banners, mobile email, SMS, and radio”, says Escamilla. “The current advertising message is driving traffic to the stores to pick up their Spanish-language catalog”, she adds.

“In addition we also held a Catalog Kick off in Manhattan where we invited members of the press, bloggers and key influencers to be the first to receive their IKEA Catalog. A similar event was also held in Miami where key Hispanic press, bloggers and influencers where invited to attend.”

The IKEA Catalogue artwork is produced by IKEA Communications AB in Älmhult,   Sweden. It is known as “ICOM”, and operates an 8,000 square metre photo studio.

The IKEA Catalogue 2011 was printed in 197 million copies, in 29 languages and 61 editions. It is read by around 400 million people in 41 countries/territories. The content is largely the same in all countries. Some 2,000 products are presented in the Catalogue, out of the 10,000 products in the total IKEA range. Prices are valid for a full year.

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