In an interesting (surprising?) move the IAB is folding its Hispanic initiative under the multicultural umbrella.

The IAB announced that the IAB Multicultural Council will replace the former IAB Hispanic Committee. The Council will focus on key issues that impact marketing and advertising within the multicultural marketplace including Audience measurement and ensuring that all segments of the U.S. population, especially minorities are properly measured and accounted for in online media measurement. It will also educate marketers and agencies on how to create successful digital marketing strategies to reach multicultural markets. In addition, it will equip multicultural publishers and agencies with the tools necessary to address the needs of marketers who want to reach multicultural markets.  

“The work of this Council will drive a better understanding of the diverse populations and audiences that make up multicultural America and help marketers use interactive media to reach these market segments,” said Sherrill Mane, SVP, Industry Services, IAB.  

New Research about Hispanic Online Market

 The Hispanic division of the IAB Multicultural Council consolidated data from different resources to convey a clear message about the size, growth and dynamics of Hispanics online as well as how to most effectively talk to them in-language and in-culture. This document specifically covers the Hispanic dominant/Spanish preferred and bicultural/bilingual segments. The document will serve as a centralize resource for publisher, agencies, and marketers to reference for data on the relevant segments.

“The IAB Multicultural Council and the Hispanic Research presentation will serve as an important forum for our advertising clients and partners to learn more about achieving maximum ROI in the Spanish-language market in an increasingly digital media environment,” said Borja Perez, Vice-President, Integrated Solutions and Digital Media, Telemundo.  

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