What: PEOPLE en Español recently launched “La Esquina,” a new online video property with Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox as a founding partner.
Why it matters: An increasing number of traditional off-line properties are leveraging their brand names with online video efforts. This is also definitely the case for Magazine Media, including PEOPLE en Español’s current effort.

How PEOPLE en Español is using its new online video property La Esquina, according to publisher Monique Manso. 4 key points to know:

1. The Content: Celebrity Focus

La EsquinaPEOPLE en Español just launched La Esquina, a new online show which is uploaded twice per week on PEOPLEenEspanol.com. The program is the first bilingual video series for the brand, sponsored by Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox, which recently started its own online video effort MundoFoxVideos. Esquina features exclusive celebrity interviews and covers the latest in pop culture news, including music, movies, fashion and technology. During the month of December, special celebrity guests appearing on La Esquina include MundoFox’s television series “El Capo” actor Marlon Moreno, blogger and television personality Perez Hilton. “La Esquina is an editorially-led franchise, so the relationships with celebrities who participate are editorial in nature, just like those in-book,” People en Español publisher Monique Manso tells Portada.
La Esquina is a creative and engaging extension of People en Español’s in-demand storytelling. We’re inviting the People en Español community to join us every week at La Esquina for an intimate look at their favorite celebrities, as they let us into their personal space and reveal some of their best kept secrets,” adds People en Español Managing Editor Armando Correa.
The debut of La Esquina features a revealing conversation with actor William Levy on his ‘life in pictures’:

2. Production: Time Inc. Studios and curation

All videos were conceptualized and coordinated by the People en Español editorial team, and produced in partnership with Time Inc. Studios. According to Manso, “the content is curated by People en Español’s fantastic editorial team led by Armando Correa.” Online video platform Brightcove facilitates video delivery.

3. Sponsor Exposure: Multiplatform

For the MundoFox sponsorship People en Español worked directly with MundoFox as well as with its agency, Havas Media. On La Esquina MundoFox advertises both through display banner advertising and video-preroll. However, the deal goes far beyond that, Manso says:”La Esquina is sold as an exclusive category sponsorship model, with multi-platform integration as an important consideration.” The deal includes premium People en Español assets such as People en Español editorial and live event platforms such as 50 Mas Bellos and Festival.

4. Amplification

Peopleenespañol.com has between 1.2 million and 1.3 million unique users per month (ComsCore data). Amplification plays an important role when it comes to drive traffic to its properties.

Monique Manso, publisher, People en español
Monique Manso, publisher, People en español

Amplification is also an important component of many sponsorship deals. In Manso’s words MundoFox sponsored “La Esquina offers custom content to our passionate audience of more than 12.7 million multi-platform users – many of whom are millennial Latinas who consume media in both Spanish and English.” In addition to its owned and operated properties, People en Español is putting the brands full social media muscle and its editors behind driving awareness of La Esquina. “We are utilizing our robust owned digital media platforms, including social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. According to Manso, the brand’s social media footprint includes 1,100,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,100,000 “Likes” on Facebook, and 232,000 followers on Instagram.

“The featured celebrities are excited to be a part of La Esquina and are showing their support via their own social accounts.”

The featured celebrities are showing their support via their own social accounts.

In addition, to La Esquina, People en Español is working closely with Google on a development plan for its YouTube channel.


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