Hispanic mobile phone owners are 63% more likely than the average to be heavy mobile users, according to new insights revealed by Experian Simmons.

Hispanic mobile phone owners are 63% more likely than the average mobile phone users to be a Mobirati. Experian Simmons defines Mobirati as ” the first generation to have grown up with mobile phones. Mobile phones are a central part of their daily life, and they cannot imagine life without them.”

Thirty-two percent of Hispanic mobile consumers are Mobirati vs. only 18% of non-Hispanic consumers.

Hispanic mobile phone owners are 33% less likely than average to be Basic Planners (Technology, including mobile phones, is not of much interest to Basic Planners. For them, the basic mobile package serves all their needs) with only 13% classified as such vs. 21% of non-Hispanic mobile users. They also are 31% less likely than average to be Pragmatic Adopters. Fifteen percent of Hispanic mobile phone users are Pragmatic Adopters versus 23% of non-Hispanics who are classified as such.



Propensity to switch mobile providers among Hispanics

Mobile service providers should be aware that while Hispanic mobile phone owners are no more or less likely to switch providers than non-Hispanics, those Hispanics that are likely to switch are more loyal to companies that show appreciation for their culture by advertising in Spanish.

Hispanic mobile phone owners who are most likely to switch providers say that labeling of product information in Spanish helps them pick the products they want and that they remember or pay more attention to products and services that are advertised in Spanish.


Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life with nine in ten U.S. adults today using at least one mobile device and 35 percent of mobile phone users now paying $100 a month or more for service.

Through an extensive evaluation of dozens of data points measuring the behaviors and attitudes that consumers have toward mobile communications, information gathering and entertainment, Experian Simmons uncovered five distinct segments of mobile consumers. To see the five Mobile Consumer segments click here.

Fully 87% of all American adults now have mobile phones up from 69% in 2006, an increase of 26%. Adults under 50 are the most likely to be mobile users with 93% owning a mobile phone today. But even a vast majority (78%) of adults over 60 are now mobile.

What are mobile users doing with their equipment?

The most popular mobile function today—aside from talking—is taking pictures, which 70% of mobile phone owners do each month. Email is also common with 31% of mobile phone owners checking personal email on their phone and 21% checking work email. Nearly a third also go online from their phone allowing them to do things like check their Facebook status, download apps and watch videos. As smartphones and “super” phones find their way into more consumers’ hands, activities like these are certain to gain even greater traction. TV is the most common media distraction with 21% of mobile phone owners watching TV while using the phone. 


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