Felix Perez, executive vice president at Davidson Media Group, says that his company is stepping-up its online operations.  Perez says that the online platform presents a great opportunity to expand their current advertising programs, particularly with the automotive and telecom companies that make up a big percentage of their broadcast advertising revenue.

At the moment, Davidson is not streaming its programs online, but is updating its systems to allow for this. “The online radio arena is absolutely growing, and developing our Internet capabilities is definitely part of our overall growth strategy,” says Perez.

The company has been working with mobile ad network Hip Cricket to develop that side of their business. “They’re helping us set up short codes for individual stations. Users can opt–in to be club members and access DJ information, etc. Or Pizza Hut might be doing something in Philadelphia, and the customer can text cheese in to our short code and receive 25% off or whatever they are offering,” he says.


Portada Staff

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