Max Kilger, Chief Behavioral Scientist, Experian Simmons (photo) will present a brand new study about the Hispanic Mobile Market at Portada’s upcoming Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum in New York City’s Scholastic Auditorium on Sept. 19th. The study, which will be presented for the first time at our Forum, will answer important questions about the Hispanic Mobile Market including :

  • Comparisons of Hispanic cross-platform media consumption across a number of different platforms, including mobile and tablets
  • The nature of the relationship between advertising receptivity and mobile device use
  • Differential mobile behaviour depending on Hispanic heritage
  • Attitudes towards mobile gaming and mobile social networks

The data for this presentation comes from the newly launched Simmons Connect study, an industry-first initiative which integrates the 60,000 variable strong National Consumer Study with both self-reported and passive measurements using an opt-in Passive Measurement Application in Iphone, Android and Blackberry smartphones as well as Android and iPad tables.

Make sure you take advantage of the early bird price for the COMBO (Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum plus 6th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference . The early bird expires this Friday !

Max Kilger Ph.D. is a Stanford-trained social psychologist and has more than 12 years of market research and research methodology experience as the Chief Behavioral Scientist at Experian Simmons.

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