Ken Champa (picture) is one of the main responsibles behind the recently announced Kleenex initiative targeting Hispanic moms. Portada caught up with Champa about the campaign (see below)  and other ways Kleenex (Kimberley-Clark) markets to Hispanics .

Portada: Can you please explain the main objective of Kleenex’s current Hispanic campaign targeting Moms and their children?
Ken Champa, Associate Brand Manager Kleenex Brand at Kimberley Clark: “With Sneeze Catchers, we’re inviting mom to discover and learn about KLEENEX brand while providing a fun experience for her children.

What types of paid media is being bought? (e.g. digital, print, broadcast etc? )
Ken Champa:  “Our program includes digital, radio, and TV; which are all reinforced by our activation at key retailers.”

How is Mindshare coordinating its media buing  effort with Mass Hispanic Marketing (the promotion agency)?
Ken Champa:  “Our agencies have worked closely together to align media efforts.  We wanted to be sure our mass reach media coordinated with our retail activations.  This coordination is a key part of our holistic approach to commercial programs.”

 You say that the campaign is bilingual. Does this mean that you are advertising in English-language media targeting Hispanics or in general market English media?
Ken Champa:  “Consumers who hear about our program and visit our site to learn more can navigate our site in both English and Spanish.  Additionally, our retail activations provide bilingual program information and consumer engagement.”

Do you think there is  enough media targeting Hispanics in English or would you like to see more of it?
Ken Champa:  “Any conversation about ‘general market’ has to include Hispanic consumers, and engaging Hispanic consumers in English is part of that.  It’s our job too!”

How has Kleenex Hispanic marketing changed since the advent of Social Media?
Ken Champa:  “Social media has provided us the opportunity to truly build relationships.  Genuine consumer engagement with Kleenex brand has always been our goal; social media is a gateway to start and build that engagement.”

On the Kleenex Campaign:
A Kleenex initiative recently began targeting Hispanic moms. The bilingual campaign, created by Latin Works, MindShare, Mass Hispanic Marketing, Hispania Public Relations, and Studiocom, was originally focused on getting children to sign up online to be “official sneeze catchers” and persuading parents to buy Kleenex tissues. Children who participated in the campaign could play free games on<> and received free gifts. After concluding the first phase of the initiative, Kleenex and its agency partners decided to focus on getting moms to join the fight against the common cold. Moms who sign up on the campaign website have the chance to win a $500 gift card and a year's supply of Kleenex facial tissues. Kleenex will also work to attract moms by launching in-store events across the country. It will also add a section to its website devoted to explaining the company's “Sneeze Shield” technology to moms.


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