An idea for Hispanic Magazines: to add ancillary revenues in tough times at almost no cost: online subscription services.

According to sources at, one of the largest magazine subscription services on the Internet, Hispanic magazine sales on the site are proportionately higher than those other magazine categories on the website.

A total of 26 Hispanic magazines, out of a total of 2,200, are posted for sale on the website, including Portada. This is the top ranking of top sellers in the Hispanic category:

1. People En Español (Time Inc.)

2.  Cosmopolitan en Español (Televisa Publishing and Digital)

3.   H para Hombres (Maya Publishing Group)

4.   Vanidades (Televisa Publishing and Digital)

5.   TVNOTAS USA Magazine (Maya Publishing Group)

6.   ESPN Deportes (Disney)

7.   Latina Magazine (Latina)

8.   TV Y Novelas (Televisa Publishing and Digital)

9.   Casa & Estilo Internacional (Casa y Estilo)

10. TeleRevista (Trimarchi)

The websites main goal is to be a one stop source for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. investors include Anderson and Time Inc. (Meredith recently sold its stake).

The top 100 magazines make more than 50% of overall sales.

Publishers split the revenues with although large publishers tend to forego almost all revenues to as their primary aim is to hit the subscription rate base they guarantee advertisers. In addition, the incentive for to promote magazines through affiliate marketing promotions is higher, the higher its share of subscription revenues.


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