Scarborough's analysis finds that Hispanic Internet Users are 21% more likely to download digital content than the average adult online. Forty-two percent of Hispanic Internet Users have downloaded some form of digital content during the past 30 days, compared to 35% of the total Internet population.

Hispanics have been taking advantage of the national expansion of broadband, and their rate of adoption has mirrored that of the total U.S. population. Broadband penetration rates have grown from 13% in 2002.
Given the growth of broadband and content downloading in this consumer group, it is no surprise that Hispanic Internet Usage overall has reached a critical mass. The majority (54%) of Hispanics are now online.

As a part of their complimentary study, Scarborough examined 13 local markets with higher-than-average concentrations of Hispanic adults and found distinctive Internet usage patterns and local variations.

Portada Staff

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