Hispanic Digital Network and MiCocinaLatina.com Partner to Target Spanish-Dominant Latinas Online

Hispanic Digital Network and Nestlé USA, owner of the Spanish-language website MiCocinaLatina.com, have joined forces to reach Latinas looking for recipes, cooking tips and nutrition information in their native language. With MiCocinaLatina.com ads appearing on dozens of leading Spanish-language newspaper websites that own Food, Health and Family content channels, such as LaRaza.com in Chicago and LaOpinion.com in Los Angeles, Nestlé USA targets Latinas looking for information with a more personal, community appeal not found on mainstream Hispanic portals. In addition, Hispanic Digital Network agreed to syndicate dozens of their member sites' original Food-related articles for MiCocinaLatina to publish on their site every month.

Greg Diaz, Advertising Director at Hispanic Digital Network said that almost half of HDN's member sites have syndicated their original recipes and food-related articles for MiCocinaLatina.com.

According to Ly Tran, Director of Marketing and Media Services at DigiKnow, agency for Nestlé USA's website MiCocinaLatina.com and VeryBestBaking.com, traffic has increased as a result of the partnership. “But what has been most impressive is achieving a 4% conversion rate,” said Tran.

Through HDN's network of more than 60 Hispanic newspaper websites based in the US, consumer packaged goods companies hope to reach a large audience of Spanish-dominant Hispanics.