Hispanic Business Re-launches Auto Channel

Hispanicbusiness.com, which was launched in 1995, is re-launching its auto channel, which is a recent addition, and has been highly popular among the site’s visitors since it’s inception. The new launch will offer a more user-friendly interface.

The site is published mostly in English, although it does have a Spanish-language section called “Noticias (Spanish for News)” as part of the larger news section. “Our audience tends to be a more affluent segment that is bilingual. As such they prefer to receive of their content in English,” says Bill Krutzen, the director of new media.

Krutzen says the site’s most popular channel is its news section. Other channels cover technology, media, education, business, headlines and politics. In June, the site clocked 315,000 unique visitors. Among the site’s advertisers are luxury brands such as Cadillac.