Hispanic Advertising: English, Spanish, or Both?

December 18, 2006

Hispanic Advertising: English, Spanish, or Both?

While many advertisers targeting Hispanics struggle over whether to reach them in Spanish or English, Coors Brewing Company has decided to solve the dilemma by using both within the same ad.

Just as many Hispanic publications choose to reach their readers bilingually, Coors has decided to take the same approach with its advertising: “The rationale for marketing to Hispanics with a mix of English and Spanish in one advertisement is to appeal to the increasing number of bilingual Latino adults in the U.S. who commonly use both English and Spanish languages in everyday speech. The bottom line, for every consumer group, is that we must reach them with compelling marketing. Using both languages better reflects the reality of many of our Hispanic consumers and so it resonates better with them,” says Kabira Hatland, Coors' corporate communications manager.

Coors has also applied this philosophy to its packaging for Coors Light, which reads both “The Silver Bullet” and “La Bala de Plata.”

Coors Hispanic advertising targets Hispanic males, age 21-34. The company utilizes three agencies for Hispanic creative: Bromley Communications (San Antonio), Traver y Asociados (Laguna Beach, CA) and Integer (Lakewood, CO). Bromley Communications handles our Hispanic media buying and planning.

During the first 10 months of 2006, Coors has invested about $170,000 in ROP advertising in Hispanic newspapers, according to Portada-Ad Tracking.