Highlights from the Horowitz Associates Conference

Last Wednesday, hundreds of media and agency executives descended upon New York’s Hilton for the 8th Annual Horowitz Multicultural Media Forum. Below are some of the Highlights from the meeting:
Peter Blacker, SVP Digital Media, Telemundo gave a presentation outlining key strategies to promote growth in Hispanic digital media. He emphasized the importance of building strong media partnerships, consulting one’s target directly over relying too much on data, and role-playing to put oneself in the target’s position.
Horowitz Associates’ VP of business development Adriana Waterston gave a presentation outlining trends and presenting data on multicultural media consumption. Some of the key takeaways from her presentation were that 64% set-top penetration in Hispanic households, the highest of any group including Whites; 37% of Latinos would like to have more Hispanic programming (Source: Horowitz Associates' State of Cable and Broadband Urban Markets 2008 study).
Alberto Ferrer, managing partner and director of direct+digital marketing at the Vidal Partnership and Terri Walker, VP of advanced marketing solutions at Avenue A/Razorfish participated in a panel discussion about branding. One focus was mobile marketing. Asked by Portada the extent to which advertisers were targeting Hispanics via mobile, Ferrer said, “Minimally. Only 5% or so of their overall budget is devoted to digital, and mobile is just a small fraction of that.” He added that it was incumbent upon agencies to “educate” clients on the utility of mobile marketing. “That’s what we get paid for—to bring it to the client.” Terri Walker told Portada that in the Hispanic mobile marketing space, “Advertisers are still just testing the waters. SMS is a good opportunity for them to enter the space, and we are seeing some do just that. It’s a great opportunity for them to integrate their offline product with the online space through text-to-win promotions, etc.” she added.