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Headway Presents NativeWay, the First Native Advertising Marketplace for Spanish-Language Sites

Programmatic media company Headway has introduced NativeWay, the first marketplace for native ads on Spanish-language websites for the first time.


What: Technology-based marketing company Headway has introduced NativeWay, the first marketplace for native ads on Spanish-language sites.
Why It Matters: As programmatic in LatAm heads into what Headway’s VP of Product & Strategy Dario Diament calls its “second phase of evolution,” NativeWay will help advertisers connect their messages with targeted Spanish-speaking audiences.

Technology-based marketing company Headway, which has a significant presence in Latin American and US-Hispanic markets alike, recently introduced NativeWay, the first marketplace for native ads on Spanish-language websites. The platform makes it possible for advertisers to incorporate the concept of content marketing into Spanish-language advertising for the first time.

NativeWay allows advertisers to place highly customized ads into editorial space on Spanish-language websites, adapting each ad to the structure of the publishers’ sites. Advertisers can access Headway’s long list of publishing partners, i.e. sites and content creators, to make sure that their ads are placed on sites whose content is relevant and engaging to their target audiences. In this sense, the advertisement is both organic and interesting to the reader, and more likely to generate clicks and drive revenue.

Latin American Programmatic Entering ‘Second Phase’ of Evolution Driven by Native Ads

The concept of native advertising has been shaking up the US advertising market for some time now, as advertisers have embraced it as a way to transmit marketing messages through storytelling as opposed to traditional advertising distributed through standard banners and videos.

Dario Diament, Headway’s VP of Product & Strategy, explained that “Latin American programmatic is entering the second phase of evolution, past the basic understanding of

Dario Diament, VP of Product and Strategy at Headway Digital
Dario Diament, VP of Product and Strategy at Headway

networks and audiences.” Nonetheless, he says, there is a “gap” in native advertising that has left clients searching for better ways to communicate with particular audiences. Headway decided it was the right time to “invest in developing a marketplace and find the right partners through contacting and educating the owners of websites and content creators,” Diament said.

To use the platform, advertisers can create one or various standard images with editorial intro texts. Then, Headway’s technology distributes the ads to hundreds of sites, where they are placed within the structure of the website. “Instead of banners, you are seeing a sponsored article or link to an interactive experience or video: something relevant in a relevant context,” Diament said.

Another plus is that the advertisers do not have to design a new set of ads for each site: NativeWay adapts the template ads to each advertising space as needed, cutting out the extra work associated with creating different ads for different formats and sites.

Educating Publishers on Native Advertising a ‘Process’

One of the most important factors behind NativeWay’s success will be educating the publishers of the Spanish-language sites so that they understand the benefits of partnering with Headway and venturing into the universe of native advertising.

“Publishers are used to creating sites with spaces for banners that they monetize, but when you offer them the opportunity to show content automatically, the biggest challenge is to change the paradigm of leaving spaces open on the site for advertisers,” Diament explained.

To use NativeWay, publishers do not have to modify their existing pages, but they do have to make the few technical changes necessary for any ad campaign and select where on the page they want the ad to appear. Another benefit is that publishers are not forced to pick traditional or native: they can use NativeWay while maintaining traditional ads like banners.

And since the publishers sometimes feel a lack of quality control when it comes to whose ads end up on their sites, Headway goes out of its way to make sure that all of their advertisers are “first-class,” and assured us “there won’t be anyone selling some magic hair cream.”

NativeWay Compatible with DSPs 

Headway works with trading desk and advertisers to help each client to find the most adaptable sites for its ads. In this sense, the platform is as versatile as it is exact. Diament highlighted that clients can target as specifically as they want: “When clients plan for programmatic, they can use various signals through segmentation, lifting or selecting sites where you want to appear or filtering by audience.”

It is also notable that advertisers can place their native ads using any programmatic platform. This is innovative because “the trend is to use traditional formats for programmatic: typically, programmatic does facilitate native ads,” Diament said. NativeWay ads can we bought programmatically through most DSPs.

Native Advertising Surpasses CTR Standards, Delivers Relevant Content 

So far, Headway is more than confident in the effectiveness of NativeWay, confirming that the ads consistently surpass CTR standards while ensuring that they are seen by people that care about them in a relevant context.

When done right, native ads have proven to generate high click levels and traffic because the reader is drawn into the experience offered through highly relevant content. “This is a very rich experience for publishers and advertisers to incorporate,” Diament concluded.

Diament says that Headway has “coordinated campaigns in the automobile, mass consumption and women’s categories,” and that the roll-out of NativeWay has been very encouraging.

With vast experience in both international and Spanish-speaking regions of Latin America, Headway is more than qualified to blaze trails when it comes to offering continuing innovation to the region and connecting Spanish-speaking audiences with relevant and engaging ads.

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