Harrenmedia presents Twitelligence, the platform that will let the brands connect with “Twitter” use

Harrenmedia, consulting media in advertising and online marketing strategies in the US Hispanic and Latinamerican markets, announced today that from now on, brands will be able to reach “Twitter” users with its new platform: Twitelligence.

According to comScore data, in August of this year, the number of unique "Twitter" users reported a global increase of 109% from 2009 to 2010, being the Latin American region the most fertile, with an increase of 305%; Brazil and Venezuela lead the penetration rate of the micro-blogging service, with 20.5% and 19% respectively. (Source: comScore, Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela Lead Global Surge in Twitter Usage).

Although the same report indicates that the growth of “Twitter” users slowed down during the same period for the US, Twitter has a significant impact on US Hispanic users. According to Quantcast.com, as reported by the MediaPost Blog Engage:Hispanics, there are 4.9 million Hispanic “Twitter” users, fact that has convinced the Hispanic online publishers to turn to Twitter. (Source: MediaPost Blogs – Engagement:Hispanics. Hispanic Online Publishers Turn To Twitter)

The release of this new platform reflects Harrenmedia’s philosophy to generate online value for the brands, keeping the company in a constant need to innovate in pursuit of delivering new and intelligent platforms to the market. According to Harrenmedia, Twitelligence is a platform that includes sites that are related to “Twitter”, which allows to program ad campaigns in the "Twitter environment”, "sponsored Tweets "existing “Twitter” client platforms such as “TweetDec”, and the added value to be able to use “Twitelligence” in conjunction with the Sniper Harrenmedia tool for Semantic Behavioral Targeting.

"This platform arises from the need for advertisers to connect with Internet users who surf Twitter.com, or use “Twitter” in any way. Twitter users, unlike other social platforms, have more service access points outside of Twitter.com, both web and mobile-based applications (ÜberTwitter, Hotsuite, Twittdeck) and sites that integrate “Twitter” (Twitpic, Tweetphoto , etc. ..), so the challenge of reaching the "Twitterers" becomes more complex. " – Explains Omar Baquero, Partnership and Direct Media Buying Manager, Harrenmedia North Cone.

“Twitter’s user profile attribute is to impose a trend that is very relevant for advertisers. Most users of this site are also Facebook users with a touch of technology leadership, so Twitelligence is the solution to connect the brand with that profile” quoted Engel Fonseca VP for Value Generation Digital Harrenmedia North Cone

Regarding the release of the platform, Pablo Potente, Director and Founding Partner of Harrenmedia, says: "Since our founding in 2007, an important factor for us has been constant innovation and research of the industry to develop cutting-edge platforms. This also allows us to maintain our leadership as consulting media on marketing strategies and online advertising in Latin America and now in the U.S. Hispanic market. "