Harrenmedia Brasil reports 3,4 billion monthly impressions

Harrenmedia, the intelligent ad network for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, reports that the office in Brasil recently reached the milestone of 3 billion monthly ad impressions throughout its Ad Network.

According to IAB, Brasil is one of the largest markets in the region, reporting an important increase of netizens. In December 2009, Internet had 67.5 million users (16 years and over) establishing itself as a mass media and closing in 2010 with 73.7 million people (IBOPE). This has impacted on investment in online communication. Companies are increasingly looking at the Internet as a means to relate with their customers. During 2010 the total investment of online advertising reached 763.3 Million USD.

Mobile telephony reached the milestone of 205 million phones in February 2011 (FCC) for a population of 190,700,000 (IBGE). Internet access devices are growing even in the pre-paid category due to data packets that operators have been offering to the market.

Also, according to the latest Comscore “Latin American Digital Year in Review 2010”, 87% of Brazilians say that the Internet is important for purchase decision making.

“After several years of economic stability, the C, D and E classes increased greatly their purchasing power and today they are responsible for the new boost of the Internet in Brazil. All industries are focused on providing products for the different segments of the society and have found the Internet is the most efficient way to achieve them.” Says Paulo Arruda, Sales Director – Harrenmedia Brazil.

About the business potential that Brazil has as one of the largest economies of the region, Engel Fonseca VP for Digital Value Generation North Cone of Harrenmedia, comments:

“We do understand that Brazil holds important cultural differences with the rest of Latin America but we see the great potential this country has concerning digital media and e-commerce, we´ve observed Brasil and given a lot of thought for the last 3 years seeking to consolidate a critical universe in this region and we now have much to offer “