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What: Google has acquired Flutter, a San Francisco-based startup that develops gesture-recognition software, enabling Mac and Windows users to control popular apps via webcam.
Why is it important: This new purchase has triggered widespread buzz on whether the new gesture technology will be incorporated into Google’s products, from Nexus handheld devices and Chromebook laptops to Glass.

Flutter was founded three years ago, and since then a true fanbase has been built around it, due to its efficient gesture-recognition technology that detects simple hand signals via webcam, and uses them to control apps such as iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark and Netflix.

Flutter CEO Navneet Dalal –who according to BBC News used to work at Google– confirmed the news in a blog post on Wednesday, remarking that his team “will be continuing our research at Google.” The deal’s financial terms were not disclosed.

Flutter users will be able to continue to use the app.

Sources: ZDNet, BBC News Technology, Engadget, Flutter.




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