Georgia Pacific Launches Integrated Hispanic Outreach Program

Building supply company Georgia Pacific has launched a multi-faceted Hispanic marketing effort that includes a Spanish language website (, a Spanish-language customer assistance hotline and print advertising inititatives.

GP's plans for print include running advertorials in El Nuevo Constructor with construction tips and general advice for homebuilders and construction professionals. The advertorials run under the tagline, “Helping you build better.”

While this is not the first time the company has reached out to Hispanic consumers, it is the first integrated effort that the company has undertaken. As Monica Morales, Marketing Manager for GP puts it, the goal is “to fully engage the Hispanic consumer and, in particular, the Hispanic construction professional in a way that speaks in a culturally-relevant way as a friend.”

When asked how long this campaign will run, Morales responded, “this is not a one-time or limited-time effort on behalf of Georgia-Pacific. As in building a relationship with someone that you hope will become a friendship, it is our desire to continue building a rapport and a partnership with this ever-growing segment of the population.”