Foro Portada Mexico: End of electoral uncertainty will bring stability in ad spending

During the Mexico 2013 panel entitled, “What does 2013 hold in store for marketing and advertising after most of the political and electoral unknowns have been answered?”, panelists talked about how Mexico’s election campaign and new government will affect its consumers in 2013.

When asked what impact the end of electoral uncertainty will have on advertising patterns in Mexico, Santiago Durán, CEO of Carat, said that during the first half of 2012, electoral uncertainty mainly affected advertisers and not the consumer.  He also said that the simple fact that the country has an elected president and a reversal of election results is not in the cards (the election has already been validated by Mexico’s Federal Electoral Court) gives the country stability, as it would in any other country.

Durán also added that, regardless of Mexicans’ political preferences, the fact that it’s a new PRI government suggests a more organized and stable framework for the coming years.  Because of that, he is hopeful that advertisers will increase their advertising spending.

Ulises Márquez spoke about the latest trends that will affect consumers, such as real time, the democratization of success and consumer empowerment.