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For Advertisers, it Pays to Recycle

In the Hispanic market advertisers repurpose made-for-broadcast ads for online use.


December 4, 2006
For Advertisers, it Pays to Recycle

According to Batanga CEO Rafael Urbina, advertisers are starting to figure out that they can take advantage of their existing made-for-broadcast creative by formatting it for web broadcast. From an economic standpoint, this makes a world of sense. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned, and well-produced creative isn't bought on the cheap. Presently, television and radio advertising capture the lion's share of advertiser investment in the Hispanic market.

Increasingly, though, says Urbina, advertisers are adapting their content to be used online. Given that 30-second slots are a bit long for the online audience's attention, it is often necessary to refine those 30-second slots down to 10-15 second slots which are then typically run prior to the content a user requests to view.

However, oftentimes the agencies fail to get the proper talent releases to use the content, causing last-minute campaign cancellations. Urbina sees this as something of a stumbling block at present, but as something that will clear itself up once agencies are more accustomed to such repurposing.

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