FOCUS ON: Hispanic Media Buying A Q&A with Marla Skiko, VP & Director of Digital Innovation for Tapestry Marketing Co.

Q: When buying/planning Interactive Media for the Hispanic market what place does online banner advertising play?

A: Display advertising is a strong component for many online objectives. It can be very impacting for branding campaigns, especially with the use of rich media which can provide unique and interactive units. Display can enhance call-to-action messages as well, especially when utilized in conjunction with offline media and other online tactics.

Q: What role does search engine advertising play in your interactive media campaigns?

A: Search is a vital part of so many campaigns, especially those that are very driven by ROI. Search can extend beyond just the engines and allow advertisers to get their messages to consumers across so many areas (within content and across languages). The nuances of search are critical for us as we try to provide relevant information to Hispanic users who may be searching in both English and Spanish. Getting the right message to the right user in the most effective language for that user is what we aim to do. As the search engines refine their Hispanic offerings and capabilities, I think search will come a long way from its early use in reaching Hispanic consumers right now.

Q: Do you think there are enough options to buy interactive advertising in Hispanic online media? If not, what would you like to see more of?

A: It would of course be great to have more quality, culturally relevant Spanish content for U.S. Hispanics. The more highly desirable content there is, the more Hispanics will be motivated to go and spend time online (particularly those who may prefer to read in Spanish but default to English as the depth and breadth of choices is so much greater). Beyond that, advances in behavioral targeting such that we can reach Hispanics in either language would help enhance our current abilities in  online targeting.

Q: Do you buy online media in Hispanic newspaper websites?

A: We do utilize newspaper sites particularly for our retail clients. This option extends their offline print presence and allows for deeper interactivity with offers and promotions. Some of our clients have developed online circulars that are best served via online newspapers. Beyond that, any client looking for a more tailored localized approach or grassroots feel can benefit from this option.