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Focus On: Buying Hispanic Online Media

A Q&A with Luis Cabrera, managing director of Bravo Uno-a-Uno. Cabrera manages all Interactive Components of Bravo's brands


A Q&A with Luis Cabrera, managing director of Bravo Uno-a-Uno. Cabrera manages all Interactive Components of Bravo's brands.

Portada: How much growth year on year do you see in the Hispanic digital media market per category?

Luis Cabrera: There are several ways to look at this, one good way to forecast these numbers is first to foretell the total US Hispanic online advertising spending.

One way to figure out this magic number is by using the proportion between US Hispanic online advertising to overall US online advertising, which is usually less than 1%. If we follow that path, we can expect that US online advertising in 2007 will close at $165 million and 2008 will hit the $200 million mark. These numbers are based on eMarketer, March 2006, TNS, HispanTelligence and Ad Age's Hispanic Fact Pack.

Another way to look at this is by finding out the percentage that the US Hispanic online advertising has represented from the total US Hispanic advertising throughout the previous years and forecasting the growth trends for the upcoming years. By extrapolating past growth rates conservatively, we can expect that 2007 will close at $150 million and in 2008 we will see something like $180 million in investing.

And finally, a more optimistic, and still conservative, way to look at this is by determining that investment will keep a steady growth pace of 30 something percent. This throws near $175 millions in 2007 and near $230 million in 2008.

Portada: What do you think is the best approach to target Hispanics online?

In order to understand and predict what's next in terms of US Hispanic online advertising, we need to first understand and analyze what the clients are doing to have an online dialogue with this consumer. The norm is that before a company starts advertising online to US Hispanics, they make sure they have a relevant offering by either:  

Fully or partially translating their websites
b. Creating a mini-site to promote a specific product of their portfolio in a relevant way.
c. Partnering with a publisher and creating sweepstakes, homepage takeovers and/or splash pages in their portals.

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