Finding Dulcinea Web Guides Published in Spanish

The online reference guide company Finding Dulcinea has made six of its guides available in Spanish. Finding Dulcinea’s guides offer readers more than 400 narrated guides to hand-selected, credible Web sites, presented in context, with insights and research strategies.

The guides that the company has made available in Spanish are: "How to Search the Web," "Health," "U.S. Politics," "Immigration," "Cinco de Mayo" and "Survival Guide to New York City."

“Our fundamental purpose is to help Internet users cut through the clutter,” says Finding Dulcinea’s CEO Mark Moran. “It’s a fact that Internet users across the globe rely heavily on the English language Internet, because it is more developed.”

While Moran acknowledges that the six Spanish-language guides that he has made available lead to English-language sites, he maintains that it will make the process simpler for Spanish speakers. He also told Portada that the company plans to add links to Spanish-language links to the guides.

“I see this market as an enormous opportunity,” says Moran. “If these guides are well-received as we believe they will be, there will surely be more versions available in Spanish. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if, by next year, the majority of our clients are Hispanic.”

The site currently garners 100,000 unique visitors per month, and has been live for five months. “We’ve been growing at over 50% per month since we started,” adds Moran.

The six guides that were translated were done so in-house.

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