Portada: The IAB recently reported that online video advertising sales grew by 38% during the first half of 2009. What role does online video advertising play for Terra?

Fernando Rodriguez: “Online video is central to our strategy. It creates an engagement with the user that is much bigger than in other types of media”


Portada: What percentage of Terra USA’s revenues are derived from online video advertising?

F.R.: Approximately 30% of our sales volume, it is difficult to say because most campaigns have a video component”


Portada: What is the overall volume of the Hispanic online advertising market?

F.R.: “For 2010 we estimate that the Hispanic online advertising market, without search engine advertising, will be approximately $150 million. Search amounts to approximately 40% of the market.”


Portada: So the share of search in the Hispanic market is lower than in the general market where it lies above 50%…

F.R.: “That is true and it is because the inventory of keywords in Spanish in the U.S. Hispanic market is lower than the amount of keywords existing in the General (English) market.”


Portada: How has the recession affected Terra?

F.R.: “We made a strong bet and maintained our investment plan. While things were weaker at the beginning of the year, we have noticed a strong bounce back in the advertising market”


Portada: Which online advertising categories do you see growing the most?

F.R.: “Fast- Food and Entertainment. Within entertainment, movie advertising. Movie industry executives have noticed that Hispanics over index in movie consumption.”


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