Etectonics Targets Hispanic Market

Tech company Etectonics, with offices in NYC, Bogota and Madrid, is seeking to service small and medium-sized U.S. Hispanic companies with its logistical solutions.

“Much of what we do involves connecting networks across long distances to provide seamless integration,” says Jay Salters, business development consultant for Etectonics. “One example would be a U.S. hotel chain that would like to outsource a reservations call center. We essentially facilitate that by handling the technological integration.”

The company has developed an outsourcing product known as OLIP (Offshoring Logistics Initiative Program) which is designed to cut a client company’s administrative cost by 50%. The program consists of Project Management, Business Development (Sales), Customer Service to your client base Data Security.

The company was recently recognized by the New York Enterprise Report with its 2007 Best Technology Practice Award.